Identity Theft- Where did “I” go?

First, let me start off by saying that I enjoy being a stay at home mother and a wife but what happened to ME? There are so many women that would love to have the opportunity as I do to spend time with their kids throughout the day and this is not an easy task. Many people don’t realize how hard it is to be an at home mommy/dad. It is almost easier to have a regular 9 to 5 because at least there you get to actually leave your job. So from the time I wake up to the the time I go to sleep (even while i am asleep) I am at work. Shout out to all the stay at home moms!

Wait! Maybe I should give you a back story… so this past weekend my husband and I attended his friends’ wedding and we were sitting at a table with another couple that seemed really cool. My husband and the guy were talking about there careers (boring). His raven haired girlfriend was on playing with her phone and occasionally taking pictures with her Canon SLR while I looked around at the beautiful farm scenery. All of a sudden the guy turns and ask me “so what do you do?” In my head I was thinking I stayed out of this conversation for a reason because when you tell people that you are a stay-at-home mom you get that “oh that’s ALL you do” look. I simple say I am an stay-at-home mom and again like always I got that look.          

 Now I am not ashamed of being at home with my kids but now my kids are not at home but I am ashamed that I don’t take time to do stuff for myself. While I do have many things I enjoy doing I rarely do them because there is not enough hours in the day (excuse). My kids are now  at school learning and socializing. so why can’t I? While I do have my own things I like to do like my jewelry making and I am even completing my Master’s degree on-line it still seems as I need more. I do plan on entering the work world again but right now while I am at home I want to discover the woman I have become. Just the woman, not the mother or wife. So I want to stand for all the at home moms/dads and say lets ditch the stigma that we don’t do anything of importance. I want to ditch the notion we don’t have an identity outside of our kids and significant other because we do. We just have to rediscover life again. I want us to enjoy being women and enjoy the beauty that each of us hold. Let us not forget that we are individuals that just so happen to be mothers and wives.


My question to all the stay-at-home parents how do you take time for yourself?