The “Friend” Chronicles: The Debby Downer

Many of us have encountered the Debby Downer, you know the friend (or relative) that is always in some sort of somber mood. Well, how do you deal with them? I, myself have dealt with several Debby Downers but one in particular takes the cake. While I won’t call her out by name, she and I have spent a lot of time together. Now I would not say we are friends but by circumstances of others we are often around each other. Out of four years I can not every remember being around her happy or at least in a relatively good mood. How is that even possible? The first time I met her she was cool but the very next time I saw her, at my daughters first birthday, she was almost in tears. Every Christmas, Thanksgiving, my birthday, her birthday, rain or shine she is sad. Then there was the my oldest daughters’ 5th birthday and there she was in the corner pouting. She did not want to talk to anyone she was just angry. It was so bad that my ma asked her “why every time I see you, you are upset”? She asked her what we all thought which caused a laugh. I even suggested going to seek medical help which brings me to her frequent visits to the ER. Well, that would be a whole other conversation. The one on one conversations that she and I have had (rare) I could see she has greatness to offer. She sucks you in by the sad stories she has and through the years we all have heard them and reheard them in different ways. You instantly feel bad for her and then you start to realize that everyone else is not the bad guy. All the bridges she has burned and the lives the she has created chaos in wouldn’t she want to change her life? The last conversation she had with me was when I told her “To take charge of her life and start a new beginning. I told her that we all end up in a funk sometimes but we all got to get up and try again. We can change our current situations so why not start today. ”  She hung up on me and told everyone I was mean to her. So much for encouraging words.

How do you deal with the Debby Downers in your life?



I dropped the ball

I am so disappointed in myself. I was so going in on my workout routine and then….. well, nothing. I am trying to fight these darn addictions to junk food. Then there is the whole working out thing I mentioned in my “Not So New Years Resolution” piece that already went out the window. I was doing well at first then I realized I was packing too much on my plate. However, I need to workout and cut the sugar, it’s not an option. I am sure there will be many times I make a post like this before I get it right, bare with me. Join along, encourage, and be my shoulder for days I feel I can’t go on. I know I can implement a schedule that will work for me (I just have yet to get it together). I am not afraid to admit failure or lack of follow through.
Back on track and ready to move forward!

-I will be checking in….

My Addiction






Now I know these pics look like a bead mess but I was in heaven when I opened the litte box that held all these beads. I made a large purchase trom I love this site! You can find almost any bead you want for 1 dollar. Then they do have sale items for as little as a quarter! All shipped in a flat rate box for 5.65. They ship pretty fast too, which is awesome!

The down side is the beads are just placed in the box without anything attached to them so you have to know what you purchased. However, they do have a packing slip but when making large purchase as I did it can be a headache trying to make sure you got everything.

The good thing is the prices.. of course!  Their customer service is great as well. My first purchase was missing some spacers but with a simple email they where sent.

I had to share one of my favorite places to buy beads. Please check them out!  If you are like me you will purchase beads anywhere…. its the addiction. If you have any good places to buy beads please share them with me!

Happy beading!

The Not So New Year Resolution

So I decided  a few years back that i will not be getting out pen and paper on December 31st to write a list of things I plan to do for the next year only to stop doing them before the end of January. That has been one resolution I have been able to complete. Check. Then there were the lists of things I make throughout the year that I want to start doing that I stick to a little bit longer than the New Year’s resolution. So then I came up with the bright idea to share my list with everyone here (or lack there of). I do have a lot of things that I want to do but the main one I need to focus on is that damn dreadful workout routine. I can’t ignore the fact there are so many reason for me to work out and eat healthier than not but it’s so hard!!!!

I guess I need to mentally prepared for this new life journey I want to embark on. The good thing is today I got the strange urge to workout today and I did. I enjoy my Zumba Rush on my Xbox Kinect but I must admit I was beat after two dance routines! That may or may not be an indication of how fit I am now but I am ready to try again till I get it right. So I urge you all to jump on this bandwagon to get healthy and tackle whatever else is you ever wanted to do. Why wait? Why keep procrastinating? Wait don’t answer that i am sure I could come up with answers to those but lets not think about it. Let’s do it and support each other.

So what is on your not so New Year resolution list?