My Favorite Time of Year

I love this time of year in Georgia. The leaves are beautiful and the weather is awesome. I love the clothing you get to wear this time of year. Boots and scarves are my favorite!


I love the kids playing in the leaves. I love the excitement of the kids as the holidays close in. Oh and sales!!! I love the sales! Its the only time of year I am not outside sweating!


What’s your favorite time of year?


To be, or not to be

So I ran into my brothers girlfriend yesterday (she came to my rescue when I locked my keys in my ignition at Wal-Mart), and she asked me if I liked her new hair style. I was not opposed to the new hairstyle but I did not particularly care for the color but of course I said “It’s fantabolous!” She lost a lot of weight and has been embarking on this new journey to reinvent herself, which is great. Her self-esteem has been at an all time high and I felt like I wanted to support her efforts.

This brings me to my question: Should we be honest or not?

We can all agree that there have been times you have no choice but to lie so that we not hurt someones feelings. “Do I look fat in this dress”?  “Do you think my boyfriend is cheating on me”?

Is there a time in which you should tell the truth when someone ask for your opinion?