The Grinch in Me

Let me start off by saying I love the holidays. Well…. it is more of a love hate relationship that I have with the holidays. I love the family togetherness and the food. I love the excitement that the kids have about the holidays. The joy they exude is magical and special. I think that is the best part for me. I spoke to soon…. THE SALES!

The sales come with a price……. those ridiculous lines. Thank goodness for those cyber sales.

Then there is the Grinch in me that struggles to stay suppressed. One of the things I hate about the Holidays is all of those dreadful songs! I hate holiday music and especially when I am stuck in line at a store that has 50 checkouts but only has two lines open. I hate the fugly Christmas sweaters. Those sweaters remind me when I was a child and my favorite Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Upchurch would were them. She was awesome but I still hate those sweaters!

Back to the dreadful songs. Everyone under the sun has made a Christmas song but rarely do you get a good spin on the old classics. There are a few tolerable Christmas song I can tolerate but for the most part they suck. These remind me of growing up and my mom would play Christmas music from the time she woke up until she went to sleep. I smile at the memory but I think I am forever scorned!

I like that we are all warm and friendly for two months (November and December), but why not all year? Why can’t we spread cheer and joy throughout the whole year? I say we need to start checking our happy and friendly meter throughout the whole year!

What is your worst and favorite part of this time of year?

P.S. Happy Holidays!



  1. Miriam · December 6, 2013

    I’m a little Grinchy about Christmas- I like the idea of it being celebrated in a simple way but everyone is so over the top about it and that’s just not me. I blame my mom- she was the same way. My husband grew up with a mom who lived for Christmas and it was a big big deal in their family, so we’ve had to work at finding some middle ground. He actually handles a lot of the shopping, which is great. But as my kids have gotten older (some grown) they really only want one or two big things, so I’m trying to avoid buying a bunch of stuff we don’t need and keep it real simple on Christmas Day. My oldest is coming for a visit (he lives far away) but he won’t be with us on Christmas anyway.

    I don’t mind the music. I like decorating a tree, sitting at night and looking at the lights. I like making Christmas cookies. That’s about it!

    • perfectionimperfectly · December 7, 2013

      I can identify with your husband’s mom because mine was the same way. I do all the shopping though so you are very lucky! I am more like you when it comes to keeping it simple. We get things the kids need especially educational. They usually request tons of books. I have really simple kids when it comes to things like this. We do have our traditions that we have like decorating, baking cookies and cupcakes. We always set out cookies and milk for Santa. Do you have any good cookie recipes?

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