Book Junkie

I am a self proclaimed book junkie. I will buy books from literally anywhere and hoard them.  I have quite a few a few books I bought and I said “I am going to so read this later”. Later never happens and I am left with a ton of books- unread books.  I said I was going to start finishing my books and overall reading more.  I keep saying I am too busy to read but I constantly find myself with time. This past week I pick up a book that I started oh so long ago and started back reading it. 

I learned something when I picked up this book:

If I turn the t.v. off then I have more time to read. That was my AHA! moment. Thanks Oprah! So in turn I do have a little time to read and so I am going to make better use of my time.

The book I am reading is by E. Lynn Harris. E. Lynn is one of my favorite authors.  I actually have a stalkerish story about him.  Well years back I worked in a camera shop that printed pictures and guess who pictures I got to print…….. Yes! It was exciting to get to look at the life a an author I have loved for years. He also had the best assistant ever!  If you ever want to pick up a book by the late great Harris then you are in for a treat. He has very interesting books including his autobiography entitled “What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted. It was very raw and real. I will keep you all updated on my reading!

Happy reading!




What books are you reading?